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Kuwait Travellers and Tourist Guide

This is a one stop shop where you can: read up on Kuwait, see the sights, book your flight, find restaurants, book your Kuwait hotel or hostel, buy your Kuwait guide books, find free and cheap things to see and do, you’ll need as much information as possible, to make your stay an enjoyable one. 

Kuwait From a nation of pearl divers and spice merchants to one of the worlds’ largest oil exporters, Kuwait has undergone many exciting transformations. Kuwaiti society is truly a cosmopolitan and modern and yet it remains true to its heritage and traditions.

A highly urbanized state, Kuwait offers a host of attractions and services to tourists and visitors to the country. It offers a world-class experience in hospitality through its small yet strong hotel Industry.

Kuwait Tourism Services Company and Touristic Enterprises Company are two premier agencies working in the field of tourism. They offer exhaustive information to tourists, ranging from Rules and Regulations to General Information on staying in Kuwait, from details on Places of Interest to information on hotels and restaurants.

Kuwait has a very rich cultural tradition and heritage. Visitors to the country can get a glimpse of these at the fascinating places of Tourist Attraction. The shopping experience in Kuwait, too, is very rewarding. From ancient souks to sprawling malls selling the latest consumer goods, the range and variety is huge. The transport system is ultramodern with all the latest features and facilities.

Kuwaitis are warm, hospitable, friendly and helpful, which makes a visit to the country a very enriching and memorable experience.